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I did manage to get everything working. Though perhaps not as optimally as I could.

I ran through your recently updated calibration steps. I may missed downloading the kinect calibration in my original setup. Or perhaps not included all the recommended flags runnings the Sandbox application.

I am running the projector at 4:3 and 1024×768 despite the resolution being 1920×1080 native. I do pass that along in the calibration step (though I think they are the defaults. I haven’t noticed any degradation in image quality.

I built the physical sandbox with a 4:3 aspect ratio so I would like to keep the aspect ratio the same as the physical installation.

Ill see if i can replicate my previous issue so it can be known for future builders. Right now I can’t run the water simulation on my old workstation, but I’ll get my new workstation (Haswell-E and a GTX 980) dual booting ubuntu and give it a try with the water simulation.

Thanks for all the help. Once I get it all setup I am interested in extending the software a bit (think UHF and the marble in the oatmeal) for my 2 year old.


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