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Unfortunately that did not work at all. Even using extreme values for with the -er command I still cannot get the sandbox program to read the very bottom and top of our setup even though those areas should be well within the kinects viewing range.

I have also noticed that the program is reading the edges of the physical box, and maps them as rain causing cliffs on the sides, I’ve redone the steps to create the values for boxlayout.txt several times, being very careful capture only sand but it doesn’t seem to have helped.

Here are the current values for our boxlayout file:
(-0.0110874, 0.042134, 0.998579), -1376.53
(628.781668165, 488.250404082, -1406.88084582)
(-648.103371171, 501.33161707, -1409.26429573)
(610.811166741, -547.710713206, -1348.68148671)
(-650.666998437, -547.798112364, -1350.30495307)

When I used KinectViewer to remeasure points as you suggested (I don’t have time to update today but will later) I got a min elevation of -1369.75779165 and a max elevation of -1425.53895769. Using the equation above that gave a max and min of 42.10 and 13.68 respectively but when I used these values in -er it actually narrowed the range of mapped areas. Thoughts?

I would post images but it seems like I have to upload them somewhere else first?

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