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Oliver Kreylos

I think I see the problem. Your Kinect uses millimeters as measurement units, and the sandbox by default expects centimeters. In that case the default elevation ranges won’t work, because they’ll translate to only a few dozen millimeters each way.

The sandbox can be configured to use millimeters, but you’ll have to override a lot of default settings.

As it so happens, I just uploaded new versions of the Kinect and SARndbox packages (find locations in this thread), and the new Kinect package has a KinectUtil that converts mm-based calibrations to cm-based ones. I suggest re-installing the new versions of the Kinect and SARndbox packages, run “KinectUtil getCalib 0” again, and redo calibration steps 4, 5, and 7.

The other benefit is that the new Kinect package also has a new tool to simplify measuring 3D surface positions. I think your second problem is that the points you measured in KinectViewer weren’t directly on the surface. It’s counter-intuitive because KinectViewer allows you to measure anywhere in 3D space. Check out the complete installation instructions thread, and look at the instruction video segments for calibration steps 4 (baseplane) and 5 (box extents). You can use the same method as for step 5 to get the true elevation range of your sandbox.

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