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Oliver Kreylos

OK, here is the explanation from my colleague Burak Yikilmaz, who set up the AR Sandbox computers for our affiliated institutions:

The user auto-logs into a special sandbox session (which resides
under /usr/share/xsessions) where I use matchbox window manager with
restrictions like no cursor and titlebar. The session automatically
executes a script that starts and sets the window manager options and
runs the RunSandbox script which checks/waits whether/until the kinect
is connected. There is also an auto-start script which sets the sandbox
session as the default session. This is helpful in case you log into
gnome session for admin work. By default, the computer auto-logs into
the last session after a restart. That script prevents that and lets the
computer automatically go into the sandbox session.

Until we write up detailed instructions, the basic idea is that you create a new user account with minimal privileges (no administrative rights), and set up the login manager to auto-login that user on boot.

To set it up further, you log in as that user normally, and then create a script file to run the sandbox application with the desired command line options, and then add that script to the auto-user’s autostart list.

This will roughly do it; the rest is fine-tuning. It should not be necessary to run a special window manager as Burak describes; using the Vrui configuration file(s), the SARndbox can be set up to start in fullscreen mode, without window borders and cursor images, automatically.

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