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Yes, from inside a Virtual Machine. The problem I was having was under Software Sources > Additional Drivers did not detect NVIDIA. But since the VM isn’t accessing the graphics hardware this makes sense.

I did go further in one of my attempts and when installing the Vrui toolkit I received errors that “libcheese”s and “libclutter”s had unmet dependencies. I did somehow manage a work around or a way to meet those requirements.

An issue I had later with the Kinect was it was not being detected when I ran commands such as “lsusb” even when I attempted to pass it through the VM. Sometimes a USB thumb drive would make it through, but not always. Again, all of this is likely stemming from being run in a VM, which doesn’t work as you said. Too bad too, we’d hoped to demo the sandbox at a fair soon. We really appreciate that you placed instructions online for us all.

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