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Ho Oliver,

I’ve only tested the ShowEarthModel and that seems to be working fine. It does not freeze up.

The 2 PC’s I’ve tried it on is a an Acer 6592G and a HP ProBook 450, both running an Ubuntu and Windows as a dual boot system.

I have decided to stick to the HP and all the tests are now done on it:
1) Only uses AC,
2) Disabled all the CPU stepping features (it was enabled). The problem changed from being constant to being intermittent to the point where it works , it did not really make a big improvement,
3) HW acceleration is enabled and drivers are updated

What I have seen:
1) The problem is now intermittent mostly to the point of it being usable and if it is does freeze, a quick movement of the mouse unfreezes the screen.
2) It sometimes get ‘stuck on’ working and then even if after coming out of the screen saver, it will still be working and updating the screen fine.
3) If any button is pressed, right after launch, without clicking the mouse first, the program quits with an error
4) Clicking the mouse, or moving on the track-pad, after the screen froze, mostly gets it unstuck
5) I still get the GL error as outputs on the terminal when quitting the sandbox program

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