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Oliver Kreylos

Thanks for the detailed report. This seems to be a USB issue. RawKinectViewer, KinectViewer, CalibrateProjector, SARndbox all run in event mode, where they only force a screen update if a new image arrives from the Kinect. If the Kinect stops sending for some reason, the software won’t refresh the screen unless you move the mouse or press a key, which always forces a refresh.

Most laptops (including mine) have a lot more detailed power savings methods than what is exposed via the control GUIs. Most pertinently, they tend to put USB ports to sleep if they consider the computer “unused.” I think this is what’s happening. User doesn’t touch computer -> OS thinks it’s unused -> USB goes to sleep -> no more data from Kinect -> no more display updates -> mouse move forces screen refresh and wakes up OS and USB ports -> Kinect sends data again.

I’ll need to look into a fix.

3) If any button is pressed, right after launch, without clicking the mouse first, the program quits with an error

That’s unfortunately a known Vrui bug. After starting an application, first click the mouse inside its window before pressing any keys. It’s already fixed in the next version, but it isn’t out yet.

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