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Oliver Kreylos

Here’s a potential and very ugly work-around. Open the Vrui.cfg configuration file inside your Vrui installation (~/Vrui-3.1/etc/Vrui.cfg) with a text editor, and directly after the lines “section Vrui” and “section Desktop,” insert a new line “updateContinuously true”, save the file, and then run RawKinectViewer et al. again. This might keep it running.

Note that this fix will run the applications in polling mode, which will drain your battery in no time flat, and your computer will run hot. Don’t keep it in there for any extended period of time.

Another option, if your computer keyboard has those keys, is to press “Win+Scroll Lock” while an application is running. This will go into “burn mode,” which is the same thing, until you press the key combo again.

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