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Oliver Kreylos

That is not so easy. There is code in the development version of Vrui to send images to a remote display (primarily to use smartphones/tablets as secondary input/output devices), but that’s not released yet. It is possible to hack a piece of code into Vrui’s VRWindow class that grabs the window contents after rendering (exactly where the current screenshot code is), and sends the image across a network to a thin client for display.

Vrui’s cluster mode would be another option, but unfortunately I never implemented an abstraction that replicates 3D video from a locally-connected Kinect across a cluster (it’s a very rare use case with a lot of extra work).

The easiest option right now is to replicate the Kinect’s data stream across the network, and run two independent instances of the AR Sandbox off the same data. The Kinect package contains a KinectServer daemon to stream Kinect data, and while the AR Sandbox is currently not set up to connect to a Kinect server, that’s a relatively simple change.

The two instances would not be synchronized, in that they see the same sand surface and hands, but not the same button presses. But combining a client-server Kinect pipe with Vrui’s cluster mode would exactly do the trick.

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