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I installed a new graphics card (PNY Nvidia Geforce GT 730 2 GB edition) and the proper drivers and reinstalled all of the software, following your installation guide. We have the latest editions of all software. The Show Earth Model is working well, the RawKinectViewer is working well. The SARndbox program is extremely slow to the point where we are holding a button to assign manage water and the menu isn’t coming up for a couple seconds.

The computer has 8 GB of RAM, an i5 processor, and a terabyte of hard drive.

In one of the forums, you talked about running a less accurate water simulation, for the sake of speed, but there wasn’t a mention of how to do that, and I haven’t found that information anywhere else. With this scenario in mind, what are my options to make the program run faster and still have a water simulation?

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