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Oliver Kreylos

There are different models of the GT 730 with vastly different capabilities. Please run nvidia-settings, go to the “GPU 0 – (<GPU name>)” tab, and either post a screenshot, or the following important specifications:

  • Graphics Processor
  • CUDA Cores
  • Total Dedicated Memory
  • Memory Interface
  • Bus Type
  • PCIe Generation
  • Maximum PCIe Link Width

For example, for my GPU, the values are (in order): GeForce GTX 680, 1536, 2048MB, 256-bit, PCI Express x16 Gen2, Gen2, x16.

In the meantime, you can experiment by reducing the spatial resolution of the water simulation via the -wts <width> <height> command line argument. The default values are 640 and 480; try 320 and 240 first, and probe from there.

Re: low-fi water simulation. I mentioned this as an alternative and future option, but it doesn’t exist at this moment.

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