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Awesome! That would be great! Any eta? And to rephrase the question:

So I have the file “SurfaceAddWaterColor.fs” and I created two duplicates named “SurfaceAddWaterColor_Lava.fs” and “SurfaceAddWaterColor_Water.fs”. So while the SARndbox program is running, I replace the “SurfaceAddWaterColor.fs” with either of the two other file I have. When I do this, the color of the water does not change while the SARndbox is running. If I close the program and reopen, then the water color will match the file I copied to replace the main file.

So for example: it was water colored, then I did “cp SurfaceAddWaterColor-Lava.fs SurfaceAddWaterColor.fs” and nothing changes. Now I quit SARndbox and restart it. Now the water is lava colored.

I believe it should be able to update without completely quiting the program? How would I make the program update after I change it without quitting SARndbox?

Thank you!

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