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Of many different solutions I found online, I finally found a set which worked for me.


This is usually caused because the graphical text-mode resolution set at boot up is not compatible with your video card. The solution is to switch to true text-mode by configuring Grub appropriately:

Open the terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T
Paste the below, and enter your password when asked:

sudo sed -i -e ‘s/#GRUB_TERMINAL/GRUB_TERMINAL/g’ /etc/default/grub

Then type sudo update-grub

Reboot and the virtual terminals should now work.

They do, however, I also found that I could only install the drivers from a text window (ctrl-alt-F1). They would not install from a terminal in the GUI.

In fact, I found that I needed to install most of the sandbox software from a text window, which was not necessary with my older video card.

Calibrating my box and Kinect this week. Hopefully everything else goes well!!

– Rick

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