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Yes, I can!

I now have a working prototype, with rain & water simulation running on my garage workbench, and a white bath towel substituting for sand.

I’ve spent close to 100 hours of long evenngs over the last month getting this to work. Some of those hours were completely baffling: Motherboard issues, Operating system installation hangups, power supply issues, a bad hard drive, learning Linux commands, and GPU driver issues.

I still don’t completely understand all the Linux commands I’m typing in, but I am getting a basic feel for it. (And also why Windows is a much more accessible OS!!)

So, thanks to everyone who has helped me during my effort, especially Oliver, who started this adventure.

It may not be for everyone, but I’m proof that Oliver’s videos and instructions, and this forum are good enough that it can be done by non-native Linux users.

– Rick
San Diego, CA

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