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Did you download the Nvidia driver blob directly from Nvidia’s site, or did you go through Ubuntu’s built-in “additional drivers” control panel?

Yes, I tried the Ubuntu “Additional Drivers” control panel, but there were no drivers listed. All I got was blank window with something like: “No proprietary drivers are in use.”

Conversely, in Linux Mint, there was a Nvidia Alternate Driver listed, but it would never install fully, so I’m back to Ubuntu. In other words: It appears Mint recognizes my card in the computer but won’t finish the driver installation, and Ubuntu must be forced to recognize the card outside the x-server.

Based on the 2 different computers that I was using to prototype my sandbox, and nearly 100 hours of troubleshooting, it’s my experience that the same version of Linux run on 2 different motherboards will yield different results and issues… and vice/versa: Different Linux operating systems (but based on the same Kernel) will perform differently on the same hardware.

I’m planning a full-writeup for complete re-installation, in case the hard drive crashes, or the projector needs recalibration in later years. I can post all of that here when I’m done.

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