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Oliver Kreylos

Does the AR Sandbox freeze completely, or does it just no longer receive data from the Kinect?

To test, once it freezes, move the mouse (doesn’t matter that the cursor is invisible), and see if you get updates again. If you don’t, or you can’t tell, press the right mouse button to bring up the program’s main menu. Does it show up, and can you interact with the menu?

If yes, then the Kinect is frozen. This could be a nasty problem, as there is no easy and reliable way to wake it up again. If you close the SARndbox application (by pressing Esc) and rerun it, does it work again? If not, does it work if you stop the app, unplug the Kinect, plug it back in, and rerun the app? Does it work if you run KinectUtil reset all instead of unplugging/plugging the Kinect?

If you set updateContinuously back to false, does the sandbox freeze earlier? In general, using that setting is only a short-term workaround, as it will waste a lot of power and can potentially overheat the computer.

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