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Hi Olivier,

First, huge thanks for releasing your tool to the wild, it was an excellent surprise while reviewing what solutions existed make Kinect-based sandboxes, you’re saving me a ton of time and headaches!

And you even give us the luxury of detailed tutorials and videos… Which by the way was a good idea, because you mentioned something in there that wasn’t in the text. In step 4, for installudevrule, Mint requests the password. The trick is Mint actually automatically gives the pwd to make because we entered it previously. In the terminal that’s not indicated at all, so I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t enter the password, tried to remember how sudo was working etc, then went to the video where you explained it.

May I suggest you edit the instructions to include the trick? It might help fellow sandboxers that have forgotten about the little things Linux does, like me 🙂

Thanks again!



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