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    I’ve just finished a second version of a sandbox using a new laptop running Unbuntu (apparently Mint doesn’t like laptop graphics cards?). I have installed the newest versions of Vrui, Kinect, and SARndbox and am having a few issues.

    1) The rain seems very finicky. The rain simulation works fine when built as a tool, but using hands to create rainclouds doesn’t work very well. I have run the program using -rer with the values set even below the maximum sand height and am still not getting much water to generate.

    2) When viewed through the laptop screen, the sand surface is tilted at an angle, which I understand is a function of using -fpv, but is there a way to setup the boxlayout and calibration to avoid this? We like having the map on the screen and on the sand to help demonstrate how 3D topographic features are mapped in 2D to our museum visitors. Here’s a screen grab of what I mean: http://www.sciencesortof.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Screenshot-from-2015-12-09-08-59-57.png

    3) The laptop screen, like most modern ones, is a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is my understanding that the sandbox only works at a 4:3 ratio. When the projector is plugged into the laptop and I mirror the screens the only resolution option I am given is 1920×1080. If I extend the display then I can run the projector in it’s native resolution of 1024×768, but the sandbox map won’t show up on the main laptop screen. I have tried to use xrandr to force the laptop screen to a lower resolution or at least into a 4:3 aspect ratio but haven’t had any luck. Is there a workaround to get the display to pop up twice or force the resolution lower than the factory setting?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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