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    Folks – Had a few general questions:

    – for a pretty standard benq 40×30 setup – is the benq projector normally set at a backward angle in order for the image to hit the sand surface? Is that normal? (instead of straight down?)

    – In using the buttons on the benq to create a square image – i have maxed out the callibration and still the image is slightly non-square – is that normal?

    – How do you wet down the sand when it gets dry?


    Sean Robinson

    1) If I correctly understand what you mean by “backward angle”, yes, depending in the geometry of your projector mount as it relates to the sandbox and the projector’s projection offset. Our BenQ 632ST is pointed lens down, but is off vertical by 10° (tilted toward upside down) to cover the full sand surface.

    2) Do not use the projector’s image shaping to fit the sandbox. See the benq keystone thread. Use the software calibration to fit the projected image to the sandbox borders.

    3) In our limited use, I wet the sand the previous day to give time for the moisture to migrate through the pore space. I mix the sand to help the process. The next day I mix the sand, again. Our presenters have learned that it’s helpful to have a spray bottle on hand to add moisture as needed.


    Perfect – thanks for the suggestions!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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