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    I am attempting to set up a AR sandbox in a research lab at my university with the end goal of adding some of my own code/modifying current code to gather data and perform desired actions (I need to explore the full capabilities of the current code before I decide on these actions). I followed the installation instructions but we do not have our box built or projector set up yet so I am just spending time looking at the code. Before I modify it in any way, I wanted to make sure I could revision control what I am working on. I have not seen links to a Github anywhere but upon a quick google search I found one ( but the version says 2.6 and the code I have currently been looking at is 2.7. Is there a more up to date github that I am missing or am I going to need to put it in my own local repo for the sake of self revision control? Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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