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    I have been searching for instructions on how to physically attach each hardware component for the AR Sandbox, but cannot find any.

    I understand that the Kinect Camera must be attached to the computer via USB port and have ordered the power adapter for this piece. What I do not understand is the number of total connections. I have viewed the rough sketch of the AR Sandbox set up and am confused.

    Once the Kinect Camera is attached to the computer, how do I attach the projector? Do I need a video to hdmi cord to plug it into the computer? Or can I use a video to usb port as well? I would greatly appreciate detailed instructions on how to attached each piece to another.

    Thank you!


    Detailed instructions are generally left up to you as the “constructor” but the way that everything is connected is: Kinect is connected to the main computer via USB and then the projector is connected to the computer and setup as an external monitor (primary or secondary – there are other threads on how and why to set it up as one configuration or another – initially you may find it easier to just set it up as the primary monitor). How the projector is connected to the computer is based on your projector but I would recommend you use a HDMI cable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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