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    Dear Oliver

    I have just built my first sandbox that I plan to use for a kids science event, thank you very much for your detailed instructions and videos. It seems to be working in general as you outline but I had a few queries that I was hoping you or other users could help with:

    1. Currently I have a big “ocean”/light blue area – I read you can adjust the offset in BoxLayout.txt. I tried that but it did not seem to change much, do I have to recalibrate or do anything else after I change the text file?

    2. The rain does not seem to come in that much volume when I use my hand – is there any operational tips or parameters shifts I need to do to get more rain?

    3. I have not had time to set up any buttons for drainage yet so to get the evaporation to drain the rain over time is this the correct command? ./bin/SARndbox –uhm –fpv -evr -0.25

    Thank you!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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