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    In my case the ARS will be moved a lot of times to different places and a lot of people (mainly children) will use it. From the begining I was searching alternatives to sand because has some disadvantages in my opinion. Finally I’ve decided to use white rice.

    Why rice? Here are some features of this material:

    – Neither heavy nor light, in my opinion has a good balance in this feature and it’s easy to transport
    – Non-toxic, the children could eat it without any problem (anyway it’s raw and don’t have a good taste)
    – It don’t sticks in the hands, fingers or nails
    – It last a lot of time but must keep it dry
    – In my case, at the end of the project, (may-june 2016) I’ll donate the rice to a non-profit charity fund and could be eated 🙂 The project is related to food sobereign, so it is an excellent way to finish the project.

    I bought 75 bags at 0.6€ each one, and finally filled the sandbox with 55 liters, rice has more volumen. I’ve saved the rest to refill and future use.

    With dry rice it’s more difficult to create a sharp relief and slopes will be limited, this is one disadvantage obviously but I think the advantages are more than disadvantages.

    Finally, I include two pictures, I took them from the same point of view and you could see the effect.


    AR Sandbox (turn-off)

    AR Sandbox (turn-on)

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    Interesting alternative! Thanks for sharing!


    I cant see the photos!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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