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    Hello and thank you to everyone who has continued to contribute to the Sandbox forums and the software within.

    Working on our second Sandbox, though the first one does need some upkeep, and was interested to hear what others here have incorporated for educational and learning curriculum? They are very fun for a group of any age and do realize the potential for demonstrations with area’s related to watershed conservation, earth/geological sciences & mapping.

    Whether it be a structured demonstration that can hold the interest of a young group of children or a display that can lead the way for an older crowd; what has worked for the Sandbox’s you have built?

    Thank you


    I’d love to be in on a curriculum conversation. I’m an 8th grade science teacher in NYC. My students and I finished building our Sandbox right when school ended in June and I’m going to start implementing it this year. So much to think about, especially in a 30+ student classroom.

    I don’t have lessons yet but I am hoping to do some work around showing the students why our neighborhood (the lower east side of Manhattan) flooded during Hurricane Sandy but uptown and Brooklyn did not. Have small groups of kids take turns using the contour matching to build our area and then add a bunch of water to the system and “push” a storm surge is what I’m thinking. But that’s just scratching the surface, of course.

    Going to start combing through the forum to see what else people are doing with students, especially in classroom settings. There’s a post from a couple years back by someone creating a google drive library — if you search “curriculum,” you’ll see it. I just emailed them to see if it’s still going.


    Thank you for the info on Curriculum Devan.

    It so happens I am in the New England area and Wood’s Hole is not far, well not a major distance if I did want to check out what they have to offer there.

    Obviously developing a program/curriculum competing with another institution in the relative area is not something I would want to do – what they do at the Zephyr Foundation is different from our camps and far enough away.

    Also anyone reading this, as it is slightly OT, is there any way to flag posts/comments that are most likely spammy?

    Thank you


    Trawling through there doesn’t seem to be a single thread or point of collection for teaching resource, though UC Daivis has some, and various other colleges have shared their ideas. We have some pieces we have used in a number of school visits which you are welcome to use if they help – at River Wey Trust Resources. They reference UK curriculum stages…

    River Wey Trust

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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