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    Hi. I repeat for multiple users: first of all, thank you Oliver for all information and help!!
    I used the description on web-pages Oliver and built a sandbox, which we use at the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin, Poland (Faculty of Earth Sciences And Spatial Management). We (me and my colleague – Pawel Wojtanowicz) called it “Hipsomaper”, because can help children understand what is hypsometric map, isoline, e.a. We have presented this device during Earth Day 2015 at our University. School children were very happy, to also professors playing with sandbox 🙂 On the next time we have presented SandBOX during Polish Geographers Congress – it attracted all participants! We have prepared a info-poster about the possibilities of the use SandBOX in geographical education. We learned that a similar unit is at the University of Poznan and Gdansk, but we do not know the details.
    Oliver, once again thank you for a description of AR SandBOX!
    Below some photos with our “Hipsomaper”, more at my friend’s blog:
    Pawel Pytka (Phd, UMCS Lublin Poland)
    Playing with our Hipsomaper

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