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    Hello Everyone.
    We have released ar-sandbox written in Unity 3d using Kinect 2. Full functional software is available to download. Free for non commercial use (with watermark)
    New features included:
    – FBX model export module
    – AR-Ball Game
    – Touchscreen

    It’s an very simple to set up alternative. This is the fist draft of tutorial and if you have any questions I’m open to help.

    Augmented Reality Sandbox DIY


    Hello folks,
    We are shooting video DIY tutorial that will be split into six parts.
    For the beginning USB button tutorial is released (part 3).

    1. How to use Arduino for button control?
    2. Simple way – how to use USB mouse as a button?


    We finished all tutorial parts.
    You can find some tips how to choose a projector or some info how to prepare your hardware no matter what software you are going to use.

    Links to remaining parts:
    Part 1: Hardware Preparation –
    Part 2: Build –
    Part 3: Button control –
    Part 4: Software –
    Part 5: Calibration –
    Part 6: Additional features –

    How it works with the touchscreen:

    Good luck,


    New version 1.9.9
    Whats new:
    Software runs at integrated graphics VEGA8. It can be launched in full HD/25+ fps at mini computer with Ryzen processor with GPU.

    + Paradise Island module
    + overlay image in touchscreen menu
    + Portuguese language
    + Water material index[0-2] – 3 types of water

    bug-fix: Mouse 1 replaced with Mouse 3 button – Using touch screen does not clear water

    free download:


    Hello. I woud like to ask few question and I have emailed it to info@sandbox-eu, so hope you guys can reply it. Btw, my main question is it is possible to run the software without the hardware such as the 3D camera? Can I run it in my desktop only?

    thank you in advance.



    Hello Fiaz,
    Basically, you can run software without a 3d camera (Kinect) on your desktop, but… only thing you will see is a flat surface in one colour. I don’t see a purpose for such a test. For me it would make sense if you had a Kinect emulator, but it would be also difficult because mapping is based on the projector and camera orientation in real space.

    Maybe write what you want to achieve an maybe we can work out something.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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