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    I’m running into a problem and am having a great deal of difficult finding a solution. I’m relatively new to Linux, and am trying to help my wife set this AR Sandbox up for a project.

    Background and Environment:

    I’m using an Asus ROG GL551JW-DS74. It has an Nvidia GTX 960M and uses Nvidia’s Optimus technology. It is intended as a battery saving feature that uses integrated graphics when the task is not graphically intensive. This, of course, causes problems.

    I installed Linux Mint 17.1 with Mate desktop. I followed through the directions at

    To start with the Driver Manager did not find any proprietary drivers. The Optimus feature cannot be turned off in the BIOS, and there are no BIOS settings for specifying Intel vs Nvidia graphics.

    I attempted to install the Nvidia card manually by stopping the xserver and running the binary file with

    sudo sh ./

    but the installer did not find the graphics card.

    I tried to use Bumblebee, which is a Linux package that makes use of the Optimus technology but it returns the message “cannot access secondary GPU” when attempting to use it to run a process while specifying that I want it to run on the Nvidia card.

    At this point, I’m at a loss and any help would be greatly appreciated. And if I have neglected to supply any important information, let me know and I will reply in about 8 hours, after I get some sleep.



    I had the same problem with my set-up. It took me three evening to figure it out (was driving me, mad no pun intended). There are different methods on the internet that I found but one eventually one worked for me.

    I restarted my laptop and when I booted up the NVIDIA card information was available to me and when I ran the sandbox application, there was formation of water.

    Card was GTX 850M


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