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    Sorry to bother, but we can’t find a solution after much effort. We have followed all directions carefully and rawkinect is reading depths correctly in its viewer. There seems to be no connection issues between the kinect, the graphics cards, and the projector. However, once you run the sandbox program, it only projects a black screen on the sand–no color, no contour lines. We’ve tried basic work-arounds, such as disabling water sim and even a complete reinstall. If you remove the -uhm argument it shows some lines but not all of them–a white background with black ‘contour lines’ that don’t seem to correspond to anything in the sandbox. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you resolve your problem? If yes how? Because I have it too.


    Hey! We did–after MUCH trial and error. It was an issue with the xbox kinect itself–it was bad! (it had been donated to us, so we didn’t know its backstory). We only realized that after we tried a new one out of desperation. There was no way that I know of to test this independently that I know of; they only way we found out was by trying another one. I hope this helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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