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    We are running into issues when calibrating projector. When attempting, we get a yellow outlined box within the sandbox with the X and Y axis lines. Anything outside of the box is not recognized. When trying to use the disc to mark points, all the points are within the box. That tells me that we missed something or didnt calibrate something correctly. Im assuming the yellow box should be at the edges of our sandbox. We have a 30″x40″ sandbox with the lens height of 40″. Currently have about a few inches from edge of yellow box to edge of sandbox all the way around. We have gone through the first few steps many times and same outcome.


    Can you attach Kinect raw view? How you Kinect see the sandbox?

    I think I have the same problem, I can’t solve it use calibration, so I just move down Kinect and projector nearest to sandbox.

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    Oliver Kreylos

    The yellow box, and the image blobs inside the yellow box, are not meant to line up with your sandbox or calibration targets. They are just there to visually check for mismatches between your current sand surface and the captured background, and to check if your target disk gets recognized (yellow disk turns green).

    Align you camera and projector so that the camera sees the entire box, and so that the projector projects everywhere inside the box. Then calibrate, ignore the yellow rectangle, and run the main AR Sandbox application afterwards with -fpv. Everything should line up then.


    I just installed everything today & have the same issue with the yellow box. I get a green circle & when I press the capture tool button, I get a red screen for a couple seconds & the white cross hair lines do not move.

    Oliver Kreylos

    If you are getting a red screen after pressing a button, then you are pressing the wrong button. Here is the relevant bit from the instructions:

    “To recap, you need to bind a “Capture” tool from the root tool menu to two unused mouse buttons or keyboard keys to capture tie points. For example, to bind a “Capture” tool to the “1” and “2” keys, first press and hold “1.” This will pop up the tool selection menu. While holding “1,” move the mouse to highlight the “Capture” menu entry. Then let go of the “1” key. This will close the tool selection menu, and open a “Creating Capture Tool…” dialog prompting you to press another key for tool function “Capture Background.” Now press and release the “2” key. This will close the dialog, and finish tool assignment. Afterwards, press and release “1” to capture a tie point and advance calibration, and press and release “2” to re-capture the background sand surface after you have made any changes to it, such as digging a hole to capture a low tie point.”

    Please note the highlighted section.


    Is it possible to clear the tool assignments & start fresh with those assignments?

    Oliver Kreylos

    To delete a tool assignment, move the mouse cursor into the red box in the corner of the window, and then press and release the key or button whose tool binding you want to clear. See Step 3 in the instructions for details.


    Start by getting your computer up and running (remember that it needs Ubuntu 14.01 or 16.04)

    Add the needed PPA and install the software by opening a terminal and running these three commands:

    sudo add-apt-repository -ys ppa:system76-dev/weekend-project

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install arsandbox

    Find out what your user-name is by running this command in the terminal:


    Add yourself to the vrui-grp group with this command, replacing USERNAME with the user-name returned by the whoami command above:

    sudo adduser USERNAME vrui-grp

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