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    Hi folks I want to change de location that file BathymetrySaverTool.dem is saved, today is saved in the .src/SARndbox2.3 and want to change the default location to another place, I tried change in the BathymetrySaverTool.cpp but I do not was sucessful, any tip?

    Another things is about dimension that DEM file is saved, I saw they have about 50 square meters, but I want more larger to better understand in the software, this is possible? Where?


    I’m also looking for a way to change the output directory of the BathymetrySaverTool.dem file. Could you already find a solution for this problem?


    My best guess is that, because the active application is launched from the ~/src/SARndbox2.3 folder that is where the files are written. Could you either:

    • make a script file that changes the active folder to what you want, then call BathymetrySaver function, then change back to the working one
    • Create a launcher script to change directory first, then run the sandbox app from that new folder with an absolute directory reference

    Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve created a little Python script which programmatically makes a keystroke to execute the Bathymetry tool.
    Ideally I’d also change active directories from this script. Unfortunately I’ve no idea how this could be done under Linux Mint. So the question is, how to switch the active folder of AR Sandbox from Python script?


    I am not a python scripter but, could you not use the getcdw() function? then if it is not your desired path, change the correct path in your script? For my screen capture tool I simply use this for the similar purpose:

    cd /home/arsandtable/Screenshots
    scrot ‘SARndbox-%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.png’
    cd /home/arsandtable/src/SARndbox-3.2

    this way I always get my screenshots where I want them.

    When you launch the the application, the shortcut (link) on the desktop points to the application’s folder, in this case /home/arsandtable/scr/SARnbox-3.2/bin/

    So what if you made a script (startApp) in your script folder, StartApp calls the application, (which should keep your scripts folder as the active one) then check then use getcdw() to report the result. If it is still the script folder then you should be okay correct?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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