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    I am looking into getting a projector for an AR sandbox build. The recommended projector is the BenQ MX631ST, but it looks like the MW632ST has nearly identical features at a lower cost. Has anyone used a MW632ST in a build, or does anyone see any problems using an MW632ST instead of the recommended MX631ST?

    Differences that I see are as follows:
    The 632 has lower lamp life than the 631 -> 4000hrs vs 4500hrs.
    Native resolution of 632 is higher than 631 -> 1280×800 vs 1024×768.
    Native aspect ratio of 632 is 16:10(WXGA), but 4:3 is supported.
    The 632 does not support 3D.
    632 has slightly lower throw ratio -> 0.72~0.87 vs 0.9
    632 has lower throw distance -> 2.5-15.2ft vs 4.3-18.0ft
    632 has smaller image size -> 40-300in vs 59.7-300in
    632 has smaller projection offset -> 105+-5% vs 110+-5%

    Most of the numbers above came from the compare tool at Projector Central here:


    We are currently using the MW632ST projector for our AR sandbox. It seems to work well for us.
    Like most of the other implementations that I’ve seen pictures or video of, the projected image is washed out in bright light and really works best in a darkened room. I think this is typical though, and not specific to the MW632ST projector.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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