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    Hello there .

    I setup big sand box as 75cm x 250 cm diameter box.

    I got good result at the middle of box. However , I have aprx 10 cm deflectıon to therıght or left at the corners.

    I have also these deflectıon ın projector calıbratıon process.

    Can I regulate these errors ?


    Check your depth camera view of the sandbox. While doing the calibration, make sure you can see all 4 corners of your sandbox. You may need to move your camera to a higher height.


    i got the same problem here. i got a approximately 5 cm deviation when i try to calibrate it. I see all of 4 corners of my sandbox but still doesn’t fix.

    any help?


    Does anyone have an idea?


    It will most likely be a field of view issue. This link may help: If the horizontal field of view is only 57 degrees you will need to place your camera at the correct height for your box width to fit in that view. Hopefully you can remember your trigonometry. This may help:

    Oliver Kreylos

    The Kinect camera’s 3D scanning quality declines rapidly at larger distances, which is why we recommend the standard 100cm x 75cm size. Aim your Kinect camera at a flat wall from about 2m away, and look at the 3D scan using the KinectViewer application. You will see a soup bowl instead of a flat plane. That is what throws off projector calibration.

    You might be able to improve alignment by running a per-pixel depth calibration procedure on your Kinect, as described in the Kinect package’s README file. Under ideal circumstances, per-pixel calibration will turn the soup bowl back into something approximating a plane, which would then fix alignment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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