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    Oliver Kreylos

    Some users have been reporting that they only see black windows when running any Vrui applications, such as ShowEarthModel during Vrui installation, or RawKinectViewer during AR Sandbox calibration.

    The cause and solution to this problem are as follows: Vrui-4.2 contains new code to automatically detect connected displays such as monitors or projectors, and to reliably place application windows onto desired displays, for example, always opening the AR Sandbox window on a connected projector (see this post on how to use that feature). This code also queries a display’s true physical size for accurate to-scale rendering.

    However, apparently some displays wrongly report their own physical sizes as zero in one or both dimensions, which causes an error in Vrui’s setup that results in no graphics being shown.

    The new Vrui version 4.2-006 contains a work-around to check for this problem, and to use a default display size if it occurs.

    Upgrading from a prior version of Vrui-4.2 to the current version will not affect already-configured AR Sandbox installations. To upgrade, simply run the appropriate automatic build script again.


    Thank you for this Oliver. As always, you have solved another issue that most of us are not knowledgeable to fix. Your project is amazing and due to this fix, we will be touring the local middle schools soon as part of their topography lessons.


    Great news, look forward to test this solution.
    Our work around for GIS day was to inconveniently hot swap video cables, so this is a welcome update.
    Thank you Oliver for updating the Vrui package!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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