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    Hello! I have finally finished setting up a sandbox for the ESOL (students whose first language is not a primary language) and I had a little trouble on the way. After calibrating it wonderfully and getting the red crosshairs to follow my calibration target, I ran SARndbox (by clicking on it to get fullscreen). However, when it launched I only got a black screen. I was able to access the VRUI menu but that was it.
    In the command window (if launched via terminal, not fullscreen) I get the following… “GL error: Unknown error 1286”

    Oliver Kreylos

    Does the AR Sandbox run if you use the following command line:

    $ ./bin/SARndbox -ws 0.0 0 -fpv

    This will disable water simulation. The GL error means that your graphics card / driver don’t support some required features.

    Do you have an Nvidia card, and did you install the Nvidia-provided drivers (see thread on full installation instructions)?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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