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    I’d like to build a landscape to match a topo map or DEM I have. I have seen this done in a video with the red and blue shading. Can someone tell me where the directions for this module are?

    Thanks for the help.
    -Shelley Whitmeyer


    unfortunately it’s kind of nightmarishingly complicated.

    someday, someone might write up a tutorial or a walk through.

    for now, search for the keyword ‘dem’ in this forum and you will find a bunch of posts that are very difficult to make sense of.

    i’ve been trying to get it to work for the better part of a day, and i’m giving up.

    i’ve gotten as far as being able to create a .dem file from the sandbox, converting it into a .grid file, and then displaying it back w/ the red and blue shading, but the scale is all messed up and the variables demVerticalShift and demVerticalScale aren’t documented and it’s just a bunch of guessing games to figure it out.

    if anyone happens to be reading this that has figured it out, it’d be super swell if you could post a step by step process.


    Here is a thread that talks about it DEM Help. and Oliver put a lake Tahoe DEM file up on a server referenced in this thread DEM Examples It seemed to work for me.



    mishafarms – how did you get it work??

    the tahoe map just appears as a level plane to me – but i’m guessing it’s supposed to look differently than that.

    i’ve read every post in the forum about DEM, but there is nothing about how to set demVerticalShift and demVerticalScale.

    what did you set your demVerticalShift and demVerticalScale variables to? and what process did you go through to do that?


    Check my post regarding shift and scale. Also, make sure in your input graph you set demFileName to point to your grid file. Sometimes the manual file selection will not correctly load the DEM and it will direct you to level the sand.


    thanks bakelew4952, but i’m still not having any luck.

    i configured my box just with the flat plane of sand. the offset in my box file is -114.

    i tried to use that as the demVerticalShift and it’s just all red, with no changes as i move sand.

    same thing if i tried to set it to 0.

    and then i tried positive 114 and it’s all blue.

    then i worked back and forth and ended up with 70, which has some blue, some read and just a little bit of white.

    i have no idea where “70” came from. the dem file i’m using was created by the script and i’m not using any parameters. for kicks, i tried using the -o parameter to scale it to 0.0 and it has no effect. i also tried scaling it to -114 with no effect as well.

    anyway, it’s kind of frustrating. i wish i understood what was going on.


    I just followed the directions loaded in the tahoe dem file and my sand had blue and red and white parts. I will try loading again when I am near the sandbox.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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