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    Having issues with Calibration.
    Have downloaded the most recent versions of everything, compiled, and run.

    Kit is Kinect v2, with recent i7, and Nvidia1080

    Ubuntu 18, and NVidia drivers are installed ok, and its using the drivers.

    I can setup the area, setup points, setup the 4 corners (inverted Z bottom left, right, top left, right), save into Box…txt, ok.

    When run the Calibration projector tool, I don’t get a yellow / green highlight for the marker.

    Get a tv static like black / white, and occasional flickering green.

    Any suggestions?

    I can try source a v1 Kinect if its just incompatible, but first checking if i’m doing something wrong.

    Any suggestions?


    Have sourced a Kinect V1. Calibration still isn’t doable for whatever reason – no green or yellow when i try calibrate.

    SARndbox does work though, unlike with the V1, and I can make it rain and see height working (albeit slightly offset).

    Is KinectV2 just not compatible?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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