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    A couple of questions related to the projector and Kinetics calibration process:

    1) If I want to start over completely, I should just delete the ProjectorMatrix.dat file and start CalibrateProjector again per the installation directions?

    2) If I run CalibrateProjector with a existing valid calibration and ‘esc’ to exit the program without capturing any additional points then the already existing calibration will be unchanged?

    3) And assuming my calibration is basically ok then starting the tool once I have at least 12 points captured should produce crossed red lines on my calibration target disc as I move it around?

    4) If the red lines follow the calibration disc correctly does that also mean I’ve captured the four corners in BoxLayout.txt in the correct order? Is it possible to mess up the order and still be able to calibrate?


    Oliver Kreylos

    1) CalibrateProjector always starts from scratch. It ignores any previous ProjectorMatrix.dat.

    2) Yes, it should.

    3) Do you mean after you collected an additional 12 tie points? If not, see 1).

    4) Generally, yes. CalibrateProjector only accepts tie points if they fall within the box boundaries. Capturing corners in the wrong order would result in most or all tie points being rejected.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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