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    I have been experimenting with the sandbox, creating temporary rigs to hold the sensor and projector, mainly to get an understanding of how it works and how the placement of the sensor and project effect the box so that when I build the final box and overhead rig it will only need minor adjustments.

    If I modify the alignment of the sensor or projector is there a way to (or do I really need to) reset the calibration data? I know I can just run through the calibration and after a few times it seems to adjust.

    If I am reading things correctly, is resetting the calibration just a matter of deleting the ProjectMatrix.dat file in the etc folder?

    Secondary question. Is there a number of calibration iterations that it no longer helps? example If you run through the calibration grid 4 times it that as good as your setup will get?


    Think I answered my own question.

    Yes, you can delete the ProjectorMatrix.dat file and reset the calibration.

    Why do it?
    I have moved the prototype around a few times, also have adjusted the sensor / projector alignment (not always on purpose) and found that it seems easier to just deleted the ProjectorMatrix.dat file and start the calibration over than to try and Recalibrate on top of existing calibration from when the projector and sensor were not in the same configuration. It takes fewer calibration iterations to get a good result when starting from scratch.

    My guess is that if you keep projector and sensor firmly aligned with each other, that this would not be the case.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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