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    Jeremy Robinson

    I’ve been familiarizing (calibrating) myself with the AR Sandbox for the past several months…
    and one thing I’m learning is the importance of a good calibration. When I start the procedure, I am prepared for the possibility that it may take several tries to get it real good. I’ve begun to learn a few tricks, but I’m guessing that there are several others on this forum who have figured it out better than I.

    Here are some of the subtle techniques I use:
    -level the sand before beginning (not perfectly level, but reasonably flat-ish)
    -dig out at least two calibration points for a low-elevation reading
    +this requires at least one run-through to know where the points are
    +always hit ‘2’ to reset the background after any time you mess with the sand
    -if you aren’t satisfied with the results after the first round (12 points), start over rather than continue
    -take the time to make a high-quality calibration target
    +apply a label or sticker to the cd, carefully cutting around the edges for a clean perimeter
    +carefully draw your crosshairs to the exact center of the cd
    -tilt the target to “aim” it at the 3d sensor (e.g. Xbox Kinect, or what-have-you)
    +try to imagine the normal (perpendicular) line from the plane of the cd target
    -hold the target extremely still and precisely on the calibration point while taking a reading

    This may be re-hashing other posts in this forum, I didn’t check. But I thought I’d throw it out there, in case it’s helpful for anyone. Do you have tips or tricks to share?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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