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    Hi, I searched on Vrui website, it not listens on the keyboard event directly but uses callback function to remap the keys pressed by users, my question is, can we set the function for each separate key for one time, but not everytime we restart the application?


    Oliver Kreylos

    Yes. First, start the application and set up key and button functions to your liking. Then open the main menu, go to “Vrui System,” to “Devices,” and then select “Save Input Graph…”. Click on the “OK” button in the file selection box that comes up. You can change the file name in the selection box by first pressing F1 to enter text mode, then edit the name as usual, then press F1 again to go back to tool mode.

    This will save the current tool bindings and settings to a file with a .inputgraph extension.

    The next time you run the application, pass loadInputGraph <input graph file name> on the command line, where <input graph file name> is the name of the file that was created when you saved the graph.


    It works, thanks Oliver!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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