Can you config CalibrateProjector to start with the capture tool already setup?

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    Is there any way to start the CalibrateProjector program with the Capture tool already setup on the 1 and 2 keys via command line options or a configuration file? If so can you point me to documentation on how to do this?

    Oliver Kreylos

    There are two methods to achieve this.

    The simpler method is to start the CalibrateProjector utility as usual, and bind all desired tools manually as usual. Once all tools are bound, open the application’s main menu, and select “Save Input Graph…” from the “Vrui System”->”Devices” sub-menu. Select a file name and location from the file selection menu that pops up (to use the keyboard to type, press “F1” once to enter text mode, and then “F1” again to leave text mode when done) or leave the default name and location, and select “OK.”

    The saved input graph file, which has the same general format as any Vrui configuration file, can be loaded back into an application either manually via the “Load Input Graph…” entry in the same sub-menu, or via the command line:

    $ CalibrateProjector [usual arguments] -loadInputGraph <input graph file name>

    This method works for all Vrui applications, including RawKinectViewer, KinectViewer, and SARndbox itself.

    The other method is to directly edit the Vrui.cfg configuration file, or create an application-specific patch configuration file (see the Vrui documentation). Vrui.cfg contains a section called “DefaultTools,” which in turn contains sub-sections for every tool that is to be bound at application start-up. The format for the tool binding sections is as follows:

    section SomeUniqueName
      toolClass CaptureTool
      bindings ((Mouse, 1, 2))

    This will bind CalibrateProjector’s capture tool to buttons 1 and 2 on the “Mouse” device (which includes keyboard keys and mouse buttons), in that order.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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