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    Hi all,

    I feel so close to finished! But, I cannot get CalibrateProjector to work correctly. When I run it – it looks different than any video with a yellow box in it. When I am able to calibrate with a green circle, the crosshairs do not move to a different location. See this video: (sorry kind of rambling – skip to 2:00 to see the real issue)

    When I run ARSandbox – everything seems to be working except the image is still flipped, and I feel like the projector calibration is all that’s keeping me from finishing. (Note that I’m aware that the water animation is not working as I need to reinstall and run the dedicated video card).

    Help! And thanks. We are dedicating this sandbox to a donor that passed away recently, so I’m under the gun to finish this pretty soon. We have the sand ready to go in and I can’t wait to see this working.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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