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    Have a small issue with making it rain via Kinect after getting everything setup.
    I can use the general keyboard ‘rain’ function to make it rain everywhere without issue, and I can also use the keyboard/mouse ‘local rain’ function.

    I just can’t get the Kinect rain (hand over sandbox) to work at all. I’ve tried setting the -rer <min rain elevation> <max rain elevation> settings but still no rain. –rer 30 50 or -rer -45 -35 (tried many different ones).

    I’m currently doing a a Proof of concept sandbox size: 24″ x 18″. The Kinect is 24″ above sand, and I’ve read the forum posts about the elevation range of the rain cloud level relative to the ground. The numbers I used for -rer have been many. I first used values with negative values based on what was in my BoxLayout.txt file, and I also used positive numbers starting just higher than the maximum value in my HeightColorMap.cpt. If I put my hand at surface where it turns the top color (white), I would assume I could use numbers a touch higher for the rain. In either case, no rain from the hand yet.

    Any thoughts on getting the rain to work via the hand? Or maybe I’m entering the -rer improperly? Please help, as this will make the Proof of Concept a success and we can move to full scale!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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