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    So I stumbled across the solution to our problem and am posting here in case someone else ever has the same issue. I had accidentally set sea level too high (-125) versus what it should have been closer to -90. Once I changed that in the BoxLayout.txt file it fixed all of the tiny contour lines and the sandbox became responsive again.


    Oliver Kreylos

    Good. Here’s the reason why it was a problem: the AR Sandbox has a range [min, max] of elevations that it considers valid. It ignores everything outside that range. That range, like all elevations, is relative to the base plane, so if your base plane is way off, the software will consider everything it sees invalid.


    Waterflow simulation is little laggy after an update, and it is not running in correct graphic driver. how to get it fixed ?



    Please help if possible, I performed a full re-cal on the sand box and everything was spot on perfect! Powered down and restarted and the image is 90 out I’m looking at the end or underside of the image ??? I’m able to grab the image and rotate it back into position using the mouse however I lost some of the spot on calibration I was bragging about…. What have I done to the start up orientation???


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    I gave up trying after the sixth failed calibration. I can manage to calibrate the red crosshair to the disc but after starting the program its just black with a red rectangle. There is some color at the start and later on the sides but not on the sandbox surface.

    I’m using a newer kinect with an i7 cpu and a gtx 1050
    The whole procedure was made step by step, only the result was bad
    I used the latest downloadables
    I recorded the disc on different heights, above and below surface level

    my box layout (tried to calibrate with the example, did not work either)
    (0.0242007, -0.131465, 0.991025), -93.6054
    ( 49.6659, -25.256, -106.04)
    ( -45.3774, -27.6592, -104.77)
    ( 47.7551, 42.8757, -98.0834)
    ( -45.8337, 40.4694, -98.0834)

    I have the 390.77-0ubuntu0.18.04.2 nvidia driver
    I got no errors except something about a screensaver which it does not found


    After reinstalling everything i found out that the whole picture is upside down. I can fix it by turning the whole picture upside without the -fpv command but i cant make it align accurately. Also the height coloring is messed up only the thing that are out of bounds goes below sea level /technically the gradient is in the right order because its upside down but the intervall is too big/


    I made it work!!
    I had to flip the projectors picture horizontally and now it works fine, but when I simulate the water, the whole thing is just flat dots or rectangles. I think it gets simulated on the other side of the surface because i get a lot of time out messages.

    The simulation is working when i keep the boxlayout.txt as it is, but the water will gather on the high ground. If i invert the first line its not simulating correctly.

    my settings right now (this is how the water simulation works but the topography is inverted)
    (-0.0206525, 0.135639, -0.990543), 111.3876
    ( 48.7083, -24.6953, -117.563)
    ( -46.774, -27.0572, -115.056)
    ( 47.4068, 43.63, -109.979)
    ( -47.2776, 39.6495, -109.084)

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    Nice dude, this is most likely because of the wrong corner point collection sequence, there was an inconsistency between the documented instructions and the video. Its a backwards Z pattern not a clockwise process. so the laptop must be compatible vga with the video


    Hi Oliver Kreylos

    Regarding this issue


    glxinfo | grep vendor

    The output should be like

    server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
    client glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
    OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
    If it’s not, you’re running off the wrong graphics card or driver.

    I’m getting different results
    server glx vendor string: SGI
    client glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGI
    OpenGL vendor string: Intel Open Source Technology Center

    when i open drive manager I can see the recommended drive which is Nvidia-drive-430.
    I’m running Ubuntu mint 19.1

    How can i fix this problem

    Oliver Kreylos

    Install the recommended driver and reboot.


    I have installed the recommended driver but looks like the system doesn’t recognize the driver.

    when I type in terminal Nvidia-settings I’m getting:

    ERROR: NVIDIA driver is not loaded
    ERROR: Error querying enabled display on GPU 0(missing extension)


    This post tells me much more about AR sandbox. I need to use mapping and topography that’s why this is very useful for me. I am lucky to read this article. This post is like a software class for me. Now I am perfect to use this application.



    I am having the same issue as r4verino described above. I am using a Kinect V2 sensor and everything works properly through calibration. I needed to flip all the values in the BoxLayout.txt file in order for calibration to work correctly. However, when I run the SARndbox application, I get the Vrui screen that is mostly black with the red box in the corner. There are a few speckles of color throughout but the topology is not displaying. I am really not sure what to do, I followed all the steps correctly and my machine is using the correct Nvidia Drivers. If anyone has any advice that would be greatly appreciated.


    So it seems that after creating the BoxLayout.txt file the software seems to ignore the height given, no matter how much or how little I change it, which means the sand is perpetually under sea level.

    Any ways to fix this? Everything else seems to be working fine, it’s just the height that’s the problem.

    Sean Robinson


    So it seems that after creating the BoxLayout.txt file the software seems to ignore the height given, no matter how much or how little I change it, which means the sand is perpetually under sea level.

    Any ways to fix this?

    I have found myself editing the wrong file, several times, after installing a new sandbox version. Double check that you are editing the file that the sandbox is reading.

    One way to force the correct file is to use the -slf option on the command line: SARndbox -slf <sandbox layout file name>.

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