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    So I stumbled across the solution to our problem and am posting here in case someone else ever has the same issue. I had accidentally set sea level too high (-125) versus what it should have been closer to -90. Once I changed that in the BoxLayout.txt file it fixed all of the tiny contour lines and the sandbox became responsive again.



    Oliver Kreylos

    Good. Here’s the reason why it was a problem: the AR Sandbox has a range [min, max] of elevations that it considers valid. It ignores everything outside that range. That range, like all elevations, is relative to the base plane, so if your base plane is way off, the software will consider everything it sees invalid.



    Waterflow simulation is little laggy after an update, and it is not running in correct graphic driver. how to get it fixed ?




    Please help if possible, I performed a full re-cal on the sand box and everything was spot on perfect! Powered down and restarted and the image is 90 out I’m looking at the end or underside of the image ??? I’m able to grab the image and rotate it back into position using the mouse however I lost some of the spot on calibration I was bragging about…. What have I done to the start up orientation???


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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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