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    I just installed the sandbox for the 3rd time, and it’s working great. It’s just that in this version, it seems I always have to run the program with sudo, which is annoying. I want the machine to auto-boot into the software, and not get a keyboard to enter this. Working with the latest release of Ubuntu by the way.
    Am I doing something wrong with the permissions?

    Another question: is there a way to use the lava function?


    Fixed it, sorry. Did not see that the forum was so huge!


    Hello Mr.Kreylos!

    First off, I’d like to thank you for your outstanding work and dedication to such an awesome project like this. I am part of the “Tech Team” at my high school and we just finished building the SARnbox. Fortunately, we haven’t had any show-stopping issues so far, but I do have one question. How do you switch the “maps” to other ones besides the default topographical one? It doesn’t have to be a specific map, just one with more “color”. If you could let me know, that’d be great! Thanks!


    I have written some scripts that gives a desktop icon and avoids typing terminal commands for calibrations and starting the AR sandbox.

    Augmented Reality Sandbox Setup and Configuration Menu Add-on


    I’m in CHina.For some reason,I can’t wached some video(in step 7 and 8) on youtube web.Hope someone mail me.




    Fixed it how?

    Thanks much.


    I’m having the same issue that baily1080 had in that the script fails as it cannot locate the GL library.


    i tried using the terminal to create the software but i cant access the firmware of the kinect system


    Hi Oliver,

    I’ve installed the sandbox it works, but it’s slow refreshing the contours. How can i get the water to appear, i’ve tried holding my hand out but that’s not working. Do i have to switch the water on or how can i control the water.


    Inactive doesnt work (


    Anybody knows how to drain water easy?


    I’m having problem with the installing process…

    It shows this message on terminal in many steps:

    “VRWindow::VRWindow: Vertical retrace synchronization requested but not supported”

    Besides that, when I run the project It runs OK but without the water simulation!

    What can be happening?

    PS: I was using Kinect 2.8 and SARndbox 1.6, but the water simulation wasn’t working because of the Intel video processor, now I’m using another computer with a NVIDIA GeForce with those current versions of Vrui, Kinect and SARndbox!


    Hopefully a quick issue…
    Made it through to launching the RawKinectViewer…

    AR-Sandbox-Mark1 SARndbox-2.2 # RawKinectViewer -compress 0
    Floating point exception

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    hi~ everybody
    i always have some problem with my kinect (1414),. I have successfully completed the installation process~ and it’s work~~ but every time i reboot the computer~ when i run again ~seems my kinect is Stop-motion @@
    when i run “RawKinectViewer -compress 0” and the popup window with my kinect-detection is not
    immediate~~ (stop at first second when open), both on (kinect 2.8 /vrui-3.1/sandbox1.6) or (kinect3.2/Vrui-4.2,SARndbox-2.2) , i always have same problem.. and when i esc and try again, it’s will show “caught exception kinect::camera::startStreaming:Failed to initialize streaming mode” then i need to re plug the kinect’s usb , then i can open the stop motion kinect again~~

    how ever ~ sometimes it’s work good~ but i didnt change any thing, @@ i try two of my kinect (both1414) and two ver ubuntu (14.04 // 16.04) its all have this problem ~ di anyone know how to fix this?

    sometimes when i occur and i will type the same line “RawKinectViewer -compress 0” and re-plug kinect until it’s works

    i dont know why sometimes work and sometimes can’t with all the same commands.but i really want to fixed…

    thanks help : )))

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