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    Hello! I need help with Intrinsic Kinect Camera Calibration with Semi-transparent Grid.
    In my setup Linux mint Rebecca 17.1, Kinect-3.2,SARndbox-2.2,Vrui-4.2-004, i have a problem in step of using grid tool. After calibrating first couple of grids I recieving this words from RawKinectViewer << Could not create tie point due undefined grid plane equation>> What Am I Doing Wrong? All installations was done successfully.



    i try to run with kinect V2 model 1595 but can not work ~ but i see “Kinect-3.2 (252KB) (SHA1=ec66e9c085dc3b16e91b24a8f53ef1e4e340505f) Requires Vrui-4.2-001 or newer. Contains experimental support for second-generation Kinect-for-Xbox-One, and support for Intel RealSense cameras through Intel’s librealsense library.” but i can’t fixed by usb problem ~ so did any body have experience ? thx

Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)

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