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    Hello All,

    Awesome information here. Did I miss a search feature for the forum? If so, I apologize if this (or similar) has already been asked.

    I would really like to build one of these for our outreach mission, but have a limited budget. I have access to a computer with the following specs…any guidance on if this would work or not would be greatly appreciated!

    24 GB RAM
    147 GB HD
    Intel Xeon E5520 2.27MHz
    Nvidia Quadro FX580

    (I’ve already looked into upgrading the graphics cards based on comments I’ve read, but is the CPU sufficient?)


    James Paul


    Search is found at

    If sandbox is the only thing the computer is doing, the memory in that machine is overkill by about 22gb. 🙂 SARndbox can run “ok” on 1GB of system memory and an 8 year old 2 core CPU (specs here).

    Sarndbox needs a good video card more than CPU. With your CPU you could go to the Nvidia 970 Oliver recommends, however on older machines like mine that would be wasted because the CPU can’t push to the GPU fast enough (ref); the cheaper GTX 750ti is alright — for my box.

    Your FX580 video card will work, flowing water simulation might be sluggish. My advice is to go ahead and build the sandbox with what you have, and then upgrade the video card later if you the experience is not good enough. (If the new one is also Nvidia it’s an easy 5-10min switch.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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