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    Can anyone offer any insight regarding the following issues. We are having some problems with viewing the colors associated with the contour lines. The contour lines seem to accurately reflect the topography of the sand, but the entire field appears blue. We can successfully make it rain, but there may be a calibration issue because the rain doesn’t fall directly below the hand but instead about a foot away. We were able to get the red crosshairs, so I thought it was calibrated correctly.

    Moreover, the water simulation does not appear to be running correctly. The terminal reports that we are running out of time for the water sim, but the machine we are on should be able to handle this simulation. We are running Ubuntu version 16.04 LTS on a box with an NVidia GTX 970, CI5 2.7G, DDR4 2133 8G. We have ensured that we’re using the recommended version of the Kinect toolkit for the Vrui version we are using (4.2).

    During my first attempts at calibration, the menus were too small on the raw kinect viewer, so I was trying to mimic the video by counting the number of items in the pulldown menu to select the correct command. During this step, the color frame of the Kinect viewer changed to show a mirror image of what was being projected. I am wondering if this might be related to the lack of colors with the contours. I had someone help me adjust the configuration to enlarge the menus, but I can’t seem to reset the Kinect viewer to show the color screen.

    It would be great to get some feedback- we have been trying to troubleshoot for a few weeks and continue to run in to problems with the finals steps.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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