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    Hi there, community!

    I’m using SARndbox-2.5 (despite what you might see in the screenshots, I just was lazy to change the forlder’s names)

    So I was trying to write a script that changes the shader color from water to lava, without having to close the app and manually change shaders.
    So I followed these instructions and got this error.

    I tested my script in the terminal and it works just fine. Everything works fine until you write toolClassNames += (ScriptExecutorTool)
    Apparently it doesn’t recognize that tool name or that library or whatever.
    As you can see in the screenshot I tried changing many things, even removing the parenthesis (cause I don’t really know how it works in depth, so I didn’t know why it had to be a list)

    Oh, and also this is my .cfg file. I already used it for a couple of things as you can see.
    So I was planning to use 1 for water, 2 for lava, 3 for petroleum (I made that liquid just to test if I could make new fluids) and 4 for ice.

    So, am I doing anything wrong or has anything changed about ScriptExecutorTool?

    And one last thing, water color can be changed in the SurfaceAddWaterColor.fs file but where can you change a fluid’s viscosity? It would be useful for simulating glaciers.

    Thank you in advance, and have a great day!

    Oliver Kreylos

    One of your error messages refers to Vrui-4.2, which does not contain the script executor tool. I recommend updating to the current software versions across the board. Don’t forget to back up your configuration files!

    You can change “viscosity” through a slider in the water simulation dialog, or through commands to the AR Sandbox’s control pipe. I’m putting viscosity in quotes because you’re actually changing velocity attenuation, which is close enough in visible effect to stand in as a proxy for viscosity.


    I went silent for a long time due to exams. Now I have finally updated the software, but I got another error.
    It says “Error opening /etc/SARndbox-2.3/SARndbox.cfg in mode rt” (it says SARndbox-2.3 but I’m not using that version, I’ve updated it but I didn’t bother to change the name. I can manually open that file, so I have no clue what that error means. Anyways, I will reinstall all updates, cause maybe I did something wrong.
    Thanks for all of your help!


    Hey..ugh.. worry not, it was my bad. I repeated the whole update process, now with the current latest versions and it works.
    I think last time I forgot to update SARndbox after all….
    Thanks for everyting!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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