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    When binding localWaterTool to the mouse cursor, fluid is being added offset and inverted from the cursor location.
    Additionally, its motion is not true to the available mouse domain (x,y SARndbox application space), and is much small a subset area.
    An important aspect potentially influencing this, dual monitors – primary @1024×768 and secondary (SARndbox) @800×600, both set to span mode vertically stacked in the mate desktop handler.
    Anyone else experience a similar issue, and/or clues to solve?


    I just got mine working a couple of days ago and I’m noticing this too.

    Oliver Kreylos

    If you leave off the -fpv command line parameter, you will notice how the 3D sand topography can be moved (rotated, translated, scaled) using the mouse as described here. When using -fpv, this is still the case, but the projector will use fixed projection parameters.

    The local water tool will calculate the rain position based on the moved 3D topography, so it won’t necessarily match what’s on the projector screen.

    If you use a secondary display with its own rendering settings, as described here, then the mouse position will match the rain location on the secondary display.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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